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points lower than june. detroit emergency manager apologizing after calling some of the city residents those names. and the nfl hit with another concussion lawsuit. 83 former players led by pro-bowlers. they say they are suffering long-term effects from brain injuries sustained during their playing days. and we're watching the market this hour of "markets now." ♪ connell: those headlines show you there is a lot going on-9 today. we will get to the mess in egypt in just a moment, but first, our market today with the selloff, seeing the biggest decline in a couple of months. nicole petallides starts us off on the floor of the new york stock exchange. nicole: you are absolutely right. the lowest point, the biggest move to the downside since june 20. down about 1.5% right now. back on june 20 the dow dropped over 2%, this is the biggest moving percentage terms since that time. you have a couple of names that are weighing on the do dow jones industrial, better-than-expected economic news. walmart and kohls are two names we are following closely. as well as cisco systems. walmart higher p
may be bad for this man, michael dell. cheryl: plus, is new york city headed the same way as detroit? we're going to dig into the rising concerns over the big apple's fiscal health. david: we want to hear from you as well about today's action, do you believe today's market slide will cause the fed to delay its tapering? they're so concerned about market action these days. is that what's driving the fed? your answers, log on to, let us know what you think. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer] surprise -- you're having triplets. [ babies crying ] surprise -- your house was built on an ancient burial ground. [ ghosts moaning ] surprise -- your car needs a new transmission. [ coyote howls ] how about no more surprises? now you can get all the onli trading tools you need without any surprise fees. ♪ it's not rocket science. it's just common sense. from td ameritrade. it's just common sense. we replaced people with a machine.r, what? customers didn't like it. so why do banks do it? hello? hello?! if your bank doesn't leyou talk to a real person 24/7, you need an ally. hell
. >>> could new york city be the next detroit? the big apple's outgoing mayor says it's a possibility his city could follow the motor city down the road to bankruptcy. correspondent david lee miller has details from new york. >> reporter: in a little more than three months, new yorkers will elect a new major to michael bloomberg, alerting him around the city. >> it's how detroit went bankrupt. >> reporter: city worker pensions contributed to the ruin threaten new york's economic stability. most city workers and retirees pay nothing for $6.3 billion in annual health insurance. workers also pay little for pensions that have taxpayers on the hook for $8 billion this year. >> new york city has right now 10,000 police officers retired who are under 40 and collecting pensions and they will technically collect those pensions for the rest of their lives. >> reporter: contracts for almost all 300,000 city workers expired at least three years ago. the next mayor will be under pressure to win concessions. >> the unions have tried to wait it out. they don't want to negotiate with mayor bloomberg because h
could go bankrupt just like detroit unless steps are taken to get the costs of pensions and health care under control. live in fox central, this is chilling. tell us more, david lee. >> consider this, alisyn. detroit is the largest city in the u.s. to declare bankruptcy in the red more than $18 billion. other even larger cities could be next. in a little more than three months, new yorkers will elect a new mayor. in a recent warning from mayor michael bloomberg to his successor is now reverberating around the city. >> avoiding the hard choices is how detroit went bankrupt. >> reporter: bloomberg says health and pension costs for city work that's right contributed to detroit's financial ruin threaten economic stability. most new york city employees and retirees pay nothing for $6.3 billion in health insurance. workers also pay little for tensi pensions that have taxpayers on the hook for $8 billion this year. >> new york city has right now 10,000 police officers retired who are under 40 and collecting pensions and they will technically collect those pensions for the rest of their lives.
by the military? we have more on this developing story. >>> also, is new york city on the brink of a detroit-style bankruptcy? new york city has been on the brink in the past. the warning from the mayor mike bloomberg that just came down. a question that's surfacing today, is this real? is this really where new york city is today, or is this somehow just a scare tactic from the mayor? we're live with that story next. ♪ ♪ we've been bringing people together. today, we'd like people to come together on something that concerns all of us. obesity. and as the nation's leading beverage company, we can play an important role. that includes continually providing more options. giving people easy ways to help make informed choices. and offering portion controlled versions of our most popular drinks. it also means working with our industry to voluntarily change what's offered in schools. but beating obesity will take continued action by all of us, based on one simple common sense fact... all calories count. and if you eat and drink more calories than you burn off, you'll gain weight. that goes for
of art in the city in terms of what they are worth. it's a tough time for detroit. >>> time for a look ahead and a look back. the 67th little league world series starts today. >> i'll watch. >> bill probably played in that. >> no, debit maidn't make it. >> they'll begin facing nauf williamsport, pennsylvania. >>> in 1969, the start of woodstock. the four-day music festival brought almost 500,000 people to upstate new york. >>> happy birthday to jennifer lawrence. carl edwards turns 34 and actor/director ben affleck is 41. >>> here's what's coming up on the "today" show. a sneak peek of cory monteith's final movie before his death. >>> and the one and only jimmy buffett performs some of his biggest hits live on the plaza. >>> keep it right here for more news, weather and sports. i'm richard lui along with bill karins. thanks for watching "early today." have a great thursday. . >>> troops are out in force in egypt this morning, tensions running high as clashes between the military and protesters don't appear to end any time soon. >> involved in a deadly shooting overnight. we'll let you
the would-be underwear bomber on the plane down to detroit. the problem is bigger today than when the u.s. started bombing the country. >> talk to us more about that. you wrote about that in your book, the last refuge. how yemen has become the haven for al qaeda. walk us through, you know, the rise, the fall, now the resurrectire resurrection of al qaeda in all of this. >> one of the more frustrating things for me and all people is in the years after september 11th al qaeda was actually defeated in yemen. it wasn't until a prison break, recently we've seen prison breaks in iraq, libya, pakistan. there was a prison break in 2006 that was the genesis of al qaeda in the arabian peninsula. they tunnelled out into a neighboring mosque, brushed themselves out and into freedom. al qaeda was back. that was the group that was so dangerous. as president obama has said on numerous times, that's the group that's the most active. >> they're in yemen. >> they're in yemen. they're based in yemen. one of the problems for the u.s. is there are yemenese in yemen. it was arabs in a non-arab country. the p
will be close to 100. phoenix will be 107. highs around 80 from new york, d.c., chicago and detroit. they'll be in the mid-70s. >>> the postal service making more adjustments. what you should know before you mail your next package. >>> and new details in the kidnapping saga of hannah anderson. new details released overnight. >>> and a major breakthrough that is said to lower men's risk of getting prostate cancer. >>> and welcome back. the cash-strapped u.s. postal service is making more changes to take on rivals like fedex. the agency is now offering free online tracking for priority mail shipments, free insurance and date-specific delivery. the moves come as the postal service is reeling from losses this year, totalling $3.9 billion. >>> cisco systems is cutting 4,000 jobs. it's about 5% of the company's workforce. the job cuts come after weaker sales in japan, china and europe. >>> apple's struggling stock is starting to show signs of life. surpassing the $500 share mark for the first time since january. the surge comes after investor carl icahn said he purchased a large chunk of the co
republican he said yeah, and new york will end up like detroit, tax the rich and give to the poor and drive away successful industries like banking bankrupt the city. katrina vanden heuvel is the editor of the nation magazine which endorsed de blasio. floyd flake is a former new york congressman. he backed bloomberg four years ago. for example, he's targeting anyone making over $500,000 a year with a tax hike. he's been critical of mayor michael bloomberg's tenure, that plays well in a democratic primary. this guilded city for the few as opposed to a new york of opportunity for the many, for the old. >> howard wolfson, new york's deputy mayor criticized the vision de blasio was offering and said this, he has a very 1960s, 1970s vision for the city. if you prefer the version of the city that existed then, he's your guy. wolfson said he's focused on higher taxes, bigger government and more mandates in government. it brings to my mind the out of towners with jack lemmon. it sticks out in my mind where this businessman from ohio ends up sleeping in central park. new york was a different place t
's your age? and what's your bra size? so when a commander with the detroit police department accidentally sent out an e-mail listing not only the weight of 20 female officers but also their bra sizes, you can only imagine the reaction. the measurements were taken when the officers were fitted for bullet proof vests. the assistant chief says it was an honest mistake. >> this was not done maliciously. it was a clerical error. it is not the practice of the police department to share sensitive information. >> one female officer filed a grievance. another is now looking into the possibility of a lawsuit. it probably doesn't make them feel better, but this isn't the first time something like this has happened. two years ago the indianapolis police department sent out a similar e-mail. all right. that's it for me. brooke baldwin takes it from here. >>> hundreds are dead. there's no leader. and quickly egypt, a u.s. ally, is spiralling out of control. >> it's very clear its experiment in democracy that started about two years ago with a lot of euphoria is dead. >> as president obama breaks his si
, mark. >> yeah, a big detroit tiger's baseball boo-yah to you. hello. >> yeah, go ahead, man, are you up. >> okay. my question is about general mills. >> oh, you must have been listening. i would say in '49, i don't care for buying it. that's my level. 50 got the points. james in new york. james caller hi, jim, boo-yah, how are you doing? >> really good, thank you. >> fine, thank you. my question is about sonic drive restaurants. they hit a recently 52-week high. they seem to be expanding. i want to know if there a any more upside to this stock. >> blooming brands, red robin gourmet, red robin gourmet burgers and yours, sonic, are all if they pull back, you got to do some multiple buys. that's the strongest good buy in the market other than the natural foods group. let's go to allen in florida. >> hey, how are you doing? b boo-yah, to you. >> this is allen from delray beach, louisiana. i want to knowant jazzo and the 96 direct offerings? >> i'm not jazz zo about jazzo at all. i'm tell, telling tell, you go to tilener michigan. tyler. >> hey, how are you doing? >> not bad. >> i was wonder
's kickalicious. >> yes. >> look at who kicked last night in the preseason for the detroit lions. >> that's awesome. >> two field goals. 49 and 50 yards. and all because he was featured here on "play of the day." that's great. >> congratulations. >>> also, i'm going to hijack now my "play of the day" for a bo-fer. take a look. >> i think this is going to happen a lot. >> down the line. >> tell america you're a dodgers fan. >> and now they're after gonzalez. >> thank you. thank you. thank you. vin scully, thank you, los angeles dodgers. this game, by the way, as they swept the mets, ended about four hours ago. it went 12 innings. it was glorious when i woke up and watched it on the dvr this morning. >> we have a thing going here. >> we have a thing going here, george. 40 of 48 they've won. i can't remember the last loss. >> i think you need to do some field reporting. >> i think i do. i'm coming to you, l.a. m coming to you, l.a. we've just topped our quarter pounder with even more bold new taste. you love bacon. we added thick-cut, applewood bacon to our new quarter pounder blt. now more
% last month. seven percentage points lower than june. detroit emergency manager apologizing after calling some of the city residents those names. and the nfl hit with another concussion lawsuit. 83 former players led by pro-bowlers. they say they are suffering long-term effects from brain injuries sustained during their playing
was identified at from detroit. heron and morris are on the ballot to be recalled because of deep objections by their constituents to particularly the gun grabbing votes that they cast some would say at the behest of the new york mayor michael bloomberg in this last legislative session. it's never been in the history of colorado that state legislators have been fired by we the people on the recall in midterm. that's what he means about september 10th. >> indeed. [applause] >> i think it's interesting just on the topic of new york city that you have a mayor now that is like a slurpee grabber and might be replaced by the most famous amateur photographer. >>> we will have more on the future of the political party tonight on c-span town hall. these programs and a variety of topics air live each tuesday, wednesday and thursday from seven to 9 p.m. eastern throughout the congressional recess. republican national committee chairman rights on the rising stars program today on the meeting in boston. we will have that live on c-span this morning at 11:15 eastern canadian alliance for health reform hol
gusts, hail. pleasant in chicago, detroit and indianapolis. >> highs from new york to d.c. boise, 100. phoenix, will hit 107. billings, albuquerque, colorado springs in the low 90s. >>> as you know we love food here on "world news now." >> yeah, we do. >> that is no secret. this admittingly is somewhat stomach churning. it's the latest food adventure by a guy in washington by the name of bo chevasue. >> he had the cameras rolling at a local jack in the box. and ordered the most expensive fast food hamburger. >> bear with me as i try to get through this. not only did it have 20 beef patties, but all 36 toppings, chicken, spicy chicken, two fried eggs, ham, sausage. onions. grilled onions. onion rings. bargain if you think about it. all of it for around 38 bucks. >> $38. we call this his latest food adventure. because he did something similar in february. i of he created a $47 starbucks drink. how do you wrap that up to go? put it in a box? how do you eat it? >> i want to see the picture again. it looks disgusting. >> tell you what. take it apart. eat it piece by piece. >> we want to kn
dollar medicare fraud. this doctor in the detroit area is accused of not just overbilling, but overdosing his patients to get more money. more than $35 million in total here. federal criminal complaint against dr. farid fata says he also gave cancer treatments to patients who didn't have cancer. gave chemotherapy to patients in remission or on their death beds. and used foreign doctors with questionable certifications to be able to see 50 to 70 patients a day. still some of his patients stand by the doctor. >> if it were not for fata, i wouldn't be here right thousand. i got to see my grandbaby. and i love him and i think this is a witch hunt. >> a judge has ruled that dr. fata must provide a $9 million bond to get out of federal custody. 9 million. >>> a lot of expecting mothers hope their labor will be brief. but there's short and then there's too short. adriana hopkins from our affiliate has the story of this woman who gave birth before anyone was ready. well, anyone but the baby. >> she's so beautiful. >> reporter: she is just so sweet. and a little impatient. not that anyone is compl
of this country with something similar to what's happened in detroit. so just the fact that you're for obama care and the government taking care of us from cradle to grave, it doesn't mean anything if you can't pay for it. we're running out of steam and running out of ability to pay for this. >> if there were no affordable care act, 30 million or maybe more americans would have no health insurance. you got to do something about that, right? >> well, yes, it's a complicated problem because of how it was messed up. i was raised in a family of five in a depression of world war ii. they never had insurance. nobody went without insurance. but it's the system that has been created by government intervention that makes people do this. the whole idea of how you get a tax deduction, you know, the fact that big corporations can get a tax deduction, they can give medical care to the people but if you are independent or a small business owner, you are excluded. so you want to get rid of the hindrances and just not dwell on what are the complications when you get rid of all the bad things the government has b
we created a rainy day fund. i bet detroit wishes we had done what we had done in those years. putting billions dollars aside. those are things i worked with the mayor on and i'm proud of. but i don't agree with the mayor on everything. two years ago when he wanted to lay off 4,100 school teachers, all of my democratic opponents, they opposed that, like i did, but i'm the person who got those layoffs stops, and more recently, when the mayor wanted to put in place a homeless policy that i think quite frankly was cruel, i stopped it from happening by going to court. so when i can agree and work with the mayor or anybody quite frankly, i'm going to do it. when i can't, i'm not going to. i think the idea of having a government where you have to agree all the time or never, we have a place like that. it's called washington. and nothing happens. >> kind of a boutique issue in new york with the carriage horses. overall, there's a group for everything. >> you have a carriage horse actually. >> yes, i do. anyhow, that's a different story. there's a group called quinn hates animals. so
should not give any more money to any nation that behaves this way. detroit is bankrupt. sacramento, california, is bankrupt. we have huge, huge problems over here as far as infrastructure. i think we should take care of our own. i'm a first generation american and i can tell you, these countries, we give money -- they don't share our values, they don't share our beliefs, they don't have the same respect for human life that we do. we have absolutely no business giving them our money. i thank you very much. hubie: thank you, shane. from maryland. our next caller from ports myth, howe. good morning. caller: good morning. i enjoy your program here. just a quick comment about what's going on in egypt. people don't realize that they it -- america a pretty much put the president there before, and they lived under, generally, what america -- with freedom. now they have this muslim brotherhood guy who came in here and tried to slowly bring back shari'a law to this country. they'll people are very, very upset about this because they want their freedom. they don't want morality police runnin
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